Version 2 - What is New


The planned V1.6 release became Version 2 once we just kept adding featured.

  • User-defined fonts for the clockface and also annotations.
    • Includes size, bold and/or italics
  • Change color for the text in the segment.
  • Orientation – you can now generate the PDF in landscape mode.
  • Overschedule – you can now overschedule an hour, the clock will reflect the overage with a red line above the clock segment
  • Two Hour Clocks – Clocks can now be 30, 60 or 120 (2 hr.) minutes in length.
  • Long segment names – Radius setting to determine where the names start on the clockface
  • Cleaner User Interface.
  • Bug fixes (Quite a few, please let us know if you find one!).