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August 31st 2023

Today I took the action of removing SPL Remote from sale on both the Apple iOS and Google Play Store. I’ve been thinking about this for some time and finally reached the conclusion that the app could not continue. Many reasons all aligned to come to this decision. 

  1. The app was developed using a great framework, Appcelerator Titanium. A few years ago they withdrew support for the product. The great news was it became Open Source and is being actively worked on. Unfortunately I hadn’t worked on the app for a few years and required a lot of time to update the code. I did try but trying to squash some bugs became very time-consuming.
  2. The billing (Payment) library for the Google Android app was old, very old. It had to be updated to even submit an updated app. Problem was, no one had updated the library so I had no way of doing that. The good news was that an updated billing library was made available but my attempts to convert have not gone well.
  3. SPL Remote uses an unsecure TCP socket to communicate. Both Apple and Google are clamping down on unsecure communications. 
  4. This was the final decision really, Google needed me to update the app to take account of updated SDK’s. This had to be done by 8/31/23 and I gave it a try. 
  5. I no longer run an internet radio station. I closed my station, 2NG a couple of year ago. I no longer use Station Playlist. I love the software but have no need any more. I kept supporting the product but dogs need feeding and kids need new clothes.
  6. I sold a few copies in the early days but very few now. As I get older and my family grows up, I realized that time is my precious commodity. 

I do apologize, it’s been a good run but like life, product has a finite time. 

Thank you for supporting SPL Remote